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Looking for someone to lead a retreat, emcee an event, or be a keynote speaker? Contact us today for quotes and our availability for virtual and in-person speaking!

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A Shower of Roses

Listen to Monet on Jenna’s podcast where they reflect on the readings for Sunday.


Radiant Magazine 

Read an interview conducted with Radiant Magazine which features Monét. 


Close to Home

Tune in to the episode with Monet where Molly asks her to explain her experiences of growing up in a household where pilgrimages were the norm.


Carpet Talk

Monet was invited to speak about the struggle of fighting off complacency.


This Is The Day

Hear more of Monet’s founding of A Message of Hope during her interview with Bishop Reed!


Speak Lord Podcast

Monet shares with Sarah and Brianna the reality of her college experiences and the struggles that came along with it.


The Feminine Genius Podcast

Rachel talks with Monet about the importance of the Feminine Genius and how she is living that out in her ministry with A Message of Hope.


Cari Amici: Walk With Us

Fr. Wayne and Dcn. Kelley invited Monet onto their show to discuss the Theological Virtue of Hope.

Guest Appearances

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