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A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope was founded in 2020 on the principles of dedicating ourselves to encouraging high school and college men and women to live out their Catholic faith regardless of what the world says. We are living in a time when the hook-up culture is more present than ever, people are unsure of who they are, and the Catholic faith is not at the focus of people's lives. While providing useful tools and real life experiences, our hope is to aid young adults on how to live out their faith, be true to their identity, and follow their morals in the midst of high school and college.


Inspiring High School and College Students to Live Out Their Faith, Morals, and Identity.


Our Founder

Monét Souza grew up in Massachusetts with her parents and younger brother in a Catholic home. From a very young age, the faith was implemented, morals were enforced, and she was taught how to stick up for herself. Without this foundation provided by her parents, Monét would not be where she is today. Monét struggled a lot in her high school years trying to fit in while maintaining her Catholic identity. In college, it became a lot more difficult to find a community of Catholics that would attend Mass with her. These years were quite a journey but Monét remained steadfast in her faith, she was not ashamed of who she was, and stood up for what she believed in. There are too many young men and women who are not confident enough to do the same or are not encouraged to live out their faith. Monét is striving to help others in high school and college by providing them with helpful tools to help them when they are faced with obstacles or temptations in their lives.


Topics of Discussion

Lonely vs. Being Alone

Episode 1 [High School Edition]

High school can be some of the best four years but can also be very lonely for some. Tune in to listen to some helpful tools on how to tackle being alone.

Why I deleted CatholicMatch

Episode 22

Many of us have used dating apps. However, for myself I was using CatholicMatch to fill a void of loneliness. Head to our YouTube channel to see the full episode.

Trade Pride For Humility

Episode 58

Sometimes we can be terrified to pray for humility. Tune into Episode 58 to hear practical ways from Mike and I on how to root pride out of our lives.


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Audience Testimonials


"A Message of Hope is right on target with these topics. My teenage children will be following for insight."


"Wow! Thank you. My twins are finishing high school and I want them to hear about these tools from someone other than my wife and myself."


"It's been really hard living out my faith lately but after watching these videos, it brought me peace and hope!"

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